Why Boat Share

Boat Share

For families who love boating but not the work and cost of owning a boat.

You and your family love boating. You’d like to spend more time on the water, more than an occasional rental. Still, the time you have is limited, so the time commitment and cost of owning a boat don’t work for you either. Introducing “Boat Share”, a way for you to enjoy the benefits of owning a boat at a fraction of the time and expense.

So what is Boat Share?

Boat Share is a 24-month all-cost included leasing program. As the name implies, a boat will be shared with you and three other families, guaranteeing availability for each, one weekend per month. The boat will be available to any of the four users any other time by reservation. The boat will be stored, cleaned, and maintained by MDBC. All these costs, in addition to insuring the boat, will be included in the monthly lease payment. Boat Share is a “Saver” in a few different ways.

So what are the Savings?

Time, one thing there is never enough of. Boat Share reduces the time it takes to get on the water, giving you more time to enjoy being on the water and staying out there longer:

  • No pre-trip preparation or cleaning.
  • No more crowded boat ramp launching/retrieval & parking.
  • No more uncovering/recovering the boat
  • No more after-use clean-up.

Anyone who’s owned a boat knows the boat payment is only part of the cost. Boat Share’s monthly payment includes:

  • Unlimited use of the boat, guarantee of one weekend per month, as available any other time you wish
  • Storage in MDBC’s hy-dry facility
  • Cover removal and cleaning before usage
  • Cover installation and cleaning after usage
  • Engine/Drive care and maintenance
  • Property insurance coverage on the boat
  • All title and registration fees

All rolled into one monthly payment that’s a fraction of total ownership cost.

It doesn’t get any easier than this, one call:

  • Has your boat in the water
  • It’s uncovered, clean, full of fuel ready for a great day on the water
  • End of the day drop-off the keys and you’re out

Boat Share, all the benefits of boat ownership, without the hassle, at a fraction of the cost.

So how does it Work?

  • A boat will be leased from MDBC by four families. We’re limiting it to this number for two reasons:
    1. Since there’s no limit to usage, fewer users means more available time for all.
    2. Each family will be guaranteed to have the boat one weekend per month, and able to plan accordingly.
  • The boat will be stored in MDBC’s hy-dry and maintained by our staff. It can be launched and ready
    to go with one phone call in an hour.
  • Returning is as simple as checking in with us and dropping off the keys. The boat will be fueled, covered, and returned to storage. Gas used will be billed to your account.
  • The cost of storage, cleaning, mechanical maintenance, registration, and property insurance covering the boat will be included in the monthly lease payment.
  • Lease will be for 24 months. End of lease family may quit or renew for a new boat.
  • Lease payments will vary depending on the size and type of boat. Our goal is to keep the monthly lease cost close to a monthly 120 mo. loan payment.


No. Cleaning the boat after each use is part of the deal. However, excessive cleaning may result in a charge. Excessive cleaning would be things like:

  • Trash left on board.
  • Pet hair.
  • Badly soiled upholstery (footprints, handprints, mud).
  • Leaves, weeds, sand, and mud in the cockpit.

 No. You will only have usage privileges to the boat you are sharing the lease. This way, we can keep the promise of only four family/lessees per boat.

Lessees will be able to use the boat after dusk, but it will need to be returned to the marina at the end of each day. This may change once we have more experience with this program.


 Initially, this program will be offered for boats used only on the Harris Chain of Lakes mainly for insurance reasons. Once we have some history and experience with the program, trailering the boat to other Central Florida waterways may be an option.

No. Initially, these boats will only be used on the Harris Chain of Lakes. Should trailing to salt water become a possibility, flushing the motor and washing off the saltwater will be included in the lease payment.

One of the most versatile and practical boats for our Chain of Lakes is the deck boat. You can enjoy a wide range of activities with plenty of room for guests. We’ll start by offering deck boats in 20’and 22’ lengths. Should we have interest in other types of boats, we would consider adding them to the program.

When the market demands, when new boats are available, and when we have storage capacity in the hy-dry.

This depends on what people want. Our only limitation is they will be built and powered by manufacturers we represent and can service.

 Absolutely! When it comes to boating, the more the merrier. Just remember that all boats have limitations on how many people can be on board. This is something to keep in mind when deciding the size of boat you want to be leasing.

Yes (B.T.W., most dogs love to go boating!). Just remember to keep them off the upholstery as sharp claws and vinyl don’t go well together. You may have a small charge to clean-up excessive pat hair if they’re a shedder.

Yes. Training will be required and conducted by members of the MDBC staff so families know how to safely operate the boat.

Yes. The limit will be four families per boat. This will guarantee that each family will have use of the boat one weekend per month.

 No. As one of the family lessees, you can use the boat as often as you like when it’s not in use by one of the other three families.

No. This program is only being offered to family lessees and usage by registered immediate family members (husband, wife, sons, daughters).

Each family will make their weekend selection after the lease is signed. Each family sharing a boat will have access to a web-based schedule page so they can view usage and make their own arrangements to use the boat during uncommitted times. There will be a limitation of three reservations at any one time.

 Quite possibly. While we don’t plan a formal introduction, the opportunity to meet during the initial orientation and operation training exists. You might also meet during one of our events, like our dinner cruises or picnics. If the families are so inclined, there certainly isn’t any reason we couldn’t put them in touch with one another.

 Yes. There is a 24 month lease agreement, we’ll be happy to provide a copy on request. Only those individuals who are at least 21 years of age, a Florida resident, and head of household will be eligible for this program.

The pricing will depend on the size and style of boat you choose. It will include use of the boat, storage, clean-up, engine/drive maintenance, insurance, title and registration costs. The only additional cost will be the gas used during your time on the water.


Each family will have an account established with MDBC. Monthly lease, fuel, ship store purchases, etc. may be charged to this account. A statement will be generated and mailed on the 25th of each month showing the account activity with balance due payable on the 10th of the following month. Credit cards may be kept on file should you wish to have these charges paid by CC.

Just like a car or apartment lease, you are responsible for payment of the full lease term.  Since this is a relatively short term as leases go, there is no early termination. However, if you decide to buy a boat from MDBC during the lease period, any future lease payments due will be forgiven after delivery.

 It depends. Normal wear and tear is part of and covered in the lease. However, scratches or stains that can’t be removed by buffing or scrubbing will result in repair costs being charged to the lessee who had the boat.


 Yes, provided the fuel is 93 octane ethanol free fuel. Since the boat will be full of fuel when it leaves, chances are you will not run out of fuel. Regardless, whether you purchase fuel elsewhere or not, the boat will still be filled and returned to storage after your use. Fuel will be charged to your account.

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