September 7, 2022

Boat Share Explained & Reviewed


Boat Share is a program developed for families who love boating but not the work and cost of boat ownership. They want to spend more time on the water, more than the occasional rental.  Still, their time is limited, so the cost and commitment of boat ownership may not make sense.  Boat Share is the answer, enjoy the benefits of owning a boat at a fraction of the time and expense. 

Boat Share is a fractional leasing program we launched in the spring of 2022.  Our first two boats were 20’ & 22’ Four Winns deck boats.  There are four families enjoying access to each boat allowing a guaranteed time of at least one weekend per month.  Any other time of the week, first come, first serve.  So far so good from our perspective.  All has progressed according to plan.  This fall we’ll be introducing two new boats into the program.  

More and most importantly, how do the families who signed up for Boat Share feel about the program?  Do they have access, what are the boats like, what is the facility like, what’s been their overall experience?  To answer those questions we asked the first person to join the program, Tony P, if he wouldn’t mind sharing his thoughts and experience with you.  Here’s the video of what Tony had to say:

We’d like to thank Tony for volunteering his time to make this video and share his thoughts.  If you’d like to learn more about Boat Share and/or the boats we’ll be leasing this fall, just click HERE to learn more or ask questions.

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