Sale By Owner

Thinking about selling your boat but don’t know how to go about it or where to start?

Need help getting it ready for sale, where to advertise and how to market it?

It just so happens we know a lot about all these things and more. The best part, we’re at your service. Regardless where you bought your boat, whether you’d like to sell it on your own or have us do it, we’ve the resources you need to navigate the waters of pre-owned boat marketing.

Our “Sale By Owner” program has two purposes. We want to give sellers all the resources they need to market their boats while getting the best return. At the same time, give buyers confidence they’re making a sound decision to buy a pre-owned boat. It’s designed to help owners, especially those who never sold a boat before, get the information they need to sell at higher prices and sell faster. It doesn’t matter where you bought your boat, Here’s a list of the selling services we can provide:

Condition Evaluation: Our service technicians will look over the boat top to bottom, stem to stern including the trailer. All operating systems of your boat will be inspected and tested. We’ll prepare a report with our findings noting the current it’s condition. If appropriate, we’ll make suggestions how to make your boat more marketable based on our extensive experience of what pre-owned buyers value most. You’ll be able to share this report, done by a Marine Industry Certified Dealership with your potential buyers. Your buyers will have the confidence knowing a disinterested knowledgeable MICD has verified and validated the condition of your boat.

Valuation: Provide information about the current market value of the craft.

Marketing: We can help you create content that contains all the information buyers are looking for. Once done, we can help with photos, videos and listing services that will get your boat seen by thousands of potential buyers.

Once you’ve found a buyer we can help close the deal:

Financing: Dealing with the top marine lenders in the country we can provide financing resources at very competitive terms and rates. There’s no obligation.

Insurance: Just as with finance we can put your buyer in touch with national insurers who specialize in marine products. There’s no cost or obligation to get a quote.

Title & Registration: We know the laws and the documentation requirements. Spending hours waiting at the tag office only to find out your paper work is incomplete is no fun. We can help you complete this process making sure the title is transferred properly while relieving you of legal liability.

Sea Tow Membership- As part of the condition evaluation we’ll give your buyer a sixty (60) day Sea Tow Membership after they’ve made their purchase.

Training: Operation and safety classes are offered periodically as well as private one on one instruction.

We can provide you with all this and more. Once you’ve got your boat sold, what better place to have your buyers needs cared for than Central Florida’s top rated Marine Industry Certified Dealership, Mount Dora Boating Center & Marina? . In addition to all the above we offer:

  • Clean-up and detailing services
  • Fiberglass repair & restoration
  • Custom canvas fabrication & repairs
  • Upholstery repair & restoration
  • Transportation service
  • Wet slips or Hy-dry storage
  • Boating events & activities

Our objective in offering this program is to give sellers all the resources they need to market their boats while giving buyers confidence they’re making a sound decision to buy a pre-owned boat.

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