MDBC Pre-Owned Certified Program

When it comes to buying a boat everyone wants a great deal

You’re looking for a great deal and there are some terrific deals to be had when buying a pre-owned boat. Knowing the difference between a good deal and a questionable one is the trick. Purchasing a pre-owned boat before you’ve had it looked over by a marine service provider can be risky. We can help reduce that risk with the services offered in the MDBC Certified Pre-owned program. It’s a much safer way to buy a pre-owned boat. You know the boat has passed comprehensive inspection, eliminating much of the risk, and backed-up by a limited guarantee. In the long run, a much better value.

Otherwise….buyer beware!

MDBC Certified Pre-owned is safer because you know your boat will go through a comprehensive safety evaluation process.


The multistep process used to certify an MDBC Certified Pre-Owned boat involves eligibility criteria and a comprehensive inspection.

CPO Eligibility

  1. Must be less than 13 years old
  2. Must have been previously NMMA Certified
    • ABYC Standards
    • Beyond USCG Standards
    • Detailed inspections and verification process

Comprehensive Inspection

  1. Mount Dora Boating Center completes a comprehensive inspection.

Passed Inspection

  • Backed by MDBC 90 day guarantee
  • Eligible to purchase Protective Extended Warranty
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