February 15, 2021

Recreation – Get Out On The Water


When some think of boating, they don’t necessarily think of destination boating, they think more along the lines of recreational boating. Fact is, when it comes to boating, the only destination you need is the water. There’re so many ways to have a great day on the water, every member of the family will enjoy it, regardless of age.  The best part, memories made will be with you forever.Fishing-  is by far the most popular recreational activity done on a boat.  Whether you’re into fresh or saltwater fishing, in-shore flats, off-shore deep, river pan or lake big mouth bass we’ve got you covered in Central Florida.

Tubes & Tow-ables- most other activities on the water are done being towed behind a boat. Tubing began as a simple round inner tube ridden in a seated position. Today tubes and tow-ables come in a variety of shapes and sizes designed for one, two, three or even four riders at one time. Sit, stand, lying down or anything in between tubing is a great time boating activity.

Swimming- in the river, lakes or heading to one of our many springs is a wonderful way to spend a summer day.   Pack a picnic lunch, headed to your favorite swimming spot and throw the anchor.  If you can find a spot with a monkey swing…. doesn’t get any better.

Board sports-  while wake & knee boarding require a bit more athletic ability, Surf boarding is a slower speed, lesser impact sport enjoyed by young and old alike. It’s become so popular, entire new types of boats have evolved designed and built just for wake surfing!

What can you think of?  These are some of the most popular activities today but most of them were created by boaters having a great time on the water.  Who knows, you may come up with the next great activity to enjoy with family and friends on the water. 

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