March 20, 2019

Living That Lake Life, On The Boat


My husband grew up spending his summer weekends at his family’s cottage.  He has great memories of tubing with his brothers and sisters and spending his days on the water.  The cottage is on a smaller, inland lake, making it perfect for water sports.   We’re not able to go up to the cottage as much as we’d like, but when we can, Eli and Emmy have the best time.   We spent Father’s Day on the lake yesterday.  It was a beautiful, and HOT day, and I wish all of our summer weekends could be so great.  The favorite activity {besides eating all the snacks} for both kids is going out on the boat with grandpa.

Eli loves going on the boat and begging grandpa to go faster and faster.  I think he would ride the boat all day if we let him.

Emaline, my thrill seeker, has a newfound love for tubing.  She went with her daddy yesterday and LOVED it.  I’m 99% sure she would have tried water skiing if we suggested it to her yesterday.

I know we’re super lucky to have access to a fun boat and cottage so our tiny humans get to experience the fun of boating and being out on the water from a young age.  If you don’t have access to a boat, renting one is easier than you might think with the Go Boating tool and boat selector feature on Discover Boating.

I remember when Eli was a toddler, the rocking and fresh air would make him fall asleep.  I thought Emmy was going to fall asleep when we went out just before dinner, but she got a second wind and was yelling for grandpa to drive faster!  I love being on the water because it’s so relaxing.  82% of Americans say just being around the water is relaxing and 72% say they feel healthier after a day of the water.  Boating is good for the soul.   I wish we could go to the lake every weekend.

My kids completely light up when we’re out on the water and it makes RJ and I so happy to see the joy they get from it.  It’s like having our own little staycation for the day!

Being at the lake and boating is a great way to unplug and spend time as a family.  I’m a huge fan of social media {obviously} but it was so nice to be around so much family and chat and not have my phone lighting up with notifications.

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