Michael Garrity


I am new to being a customer of Mt. Dora Boating Center and Marina. I just brought a boat down from Ohio and they fortunately had some space for me to store the boat up in the racks. So far, I have had good service from the gang there and am so glad to have such a nice and safe place to keep my boat. I have boated since I was a kid, having all kinds of boats from the very small up to the large yacht range having run boats in places as varied as Ohio, Florida. Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky, boating inland lakes, the Ohio River and the waters of the Georgia/SC “Low Country” and I can say from what I have seen thus far, Mt. Dora Boating Center is a “squared away” operation, as we used to say in the days I was an active duty member of the Coast Guard.

I would definitely recommend Mt. Dora Boating Center to anyone needing marine service, boat parts and supplies, docking and storage and even though I have not dealt with their boat sales section, I am quite sure that with the number of years they have been in operation and the high quality of the boats they offer like Monterey Boats, I am sure they are a good place to consider making a boat purchase.

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