October 7, 2019

Not Using That Boat?


It was one of the most exciting moments of your life: buying that new boat and launching it into the lake for the first time. You pictured leisurely hours of cruising, getting the kids into watersports and yes, hooking the big one time and time again.

Has the thrill gone? Is your boat sitting at the dock? Here at Mt. Dora, we want to be sure you’re pleased with your purchase and we’re ready to provide some counseling to keep you on the water.

There are a number of reasons why boat owners start using their boat less and less.

Wrong boat? Perhaps you’ve evolved in your boating personae, have outgrown your boat and it isn’t meeting your current needs. Is the model you chose “too much boat” than you realized or not enough? Ask yourself what your original intent was: ease of use, type of use, for example. Did you buy a boat for the kids but they aren’t as interested as you thought they’d be in watersports? It may be time to consider trading on something newer to fit your current needs. Fill out our Trade Evaluation Form here. Check out our latest models in our showroom and speak to one of knowledgeable sales people who will find you a new boat that meets your new expectations.

Repairs needed? Your engine isn’t working as well as it should and you’ve been lax about tune-ups. Our professional staff can get that boat back out on the water. We can provide cost estimates to allow you to budget those expenses. We also have storage facilities that can protect your boat when it’s not in use.

Too much work?  It’s a warm, sunny and beautiful outside, custom made for a great day on the water.  You think: let’s get the boat out! But then thoughts of cleaning it up, dealing with the traffic to get gas and launching, parking the trailer, waiting in line to load and final cleanup enter your mind.  Maybe you’ll just watch the game… Consider storing your boat. Mt. Dora Boating and Marine Center offers two storage options and a wide variety of concierge services to make boating easy, fun and hassle free.

Tired of the same scenery? Central Florida offers one of the most diverse places to boat in the entire country.  Within an hour’s drive in any direction you can experience rivers, lakes, the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico.  Destinations, activities and experience abound. Need some ideas? Give us a call.

Just not into it anymore? It happens.  Lifestyles and circumstances change and boating may not fit yours any longer. The worst thing you can do is let the boat sit idle. Florida’s climate will rapidly degrade boats not being used. If circumstances have arisen preventing you from using your boat, the best thing to do is lose it!  Donate it for a tax deduction, give it to the kids or sell it yourself. The hassle free option would be to let us sell it for you.

Our Brokerage Service is here to handle the sale, avoiding a process that can be frustrating, timely or even scary.  Check here for details.

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